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3D Master Visualisation Offline/ Online Course - training programme

What will we teach you at BC STUDIO 3d® ?

The 3ds Master Visualisation course we propose is divided into two main sections – creating architectural visualizations of the interior and exterior, so that after completing the training you will be able to create a full-fledged professional project yourself. At the beginning, we start with basic and advanced 3D modeling – by learning simple objects, you will develop your skills to model complex buildings, interiors and objects. Then, to achieve spectacular final effects, during 3ds max offline / online training we will focus on lighting, materials and post-production.

Basic and advanced 3D modeling

The modeling skills you will learn during your BC STUDIO® 3d Master Visualization training will enable you to model complex interior spaces, buildings, concepts, and objects efficiently.

Basic and advanced 3D modeling
Creation of Interior lighting

Creation of Interior lighting

One of the most important classes. Subtle illumination is essential to good visualisations.

Our insights will empower you to create photorealistic, beautiful visualisations.


Creation of interior materials

You will be able to create any material, adjustable to any lighting, quickly.

We will enable you to breathe life into your designs, and bring your designs to life. You will gain access to our copyrighted database of tried-and-tested textures.

Creation of interior materials
Creation of exterior illumination and materials (1)

Interior post-production and finalisation

You will create a 360 panorama, 3D projection, and work on post-production in Photoshop.

We will show you how to present your designs in an up-to-the-minute way, thus adding value to your presentations. You will learn cloud-based rendering, which will speed up your rendering.


3D modeling of Architecture

You will learn how to create parametric buildings and facades. You will also create 3D-realistic terrain, trees, grass and forests.

This will give you an advantage when creating complex architectural concepts prepared for photorealistic rendering.

Creation of exterior illumination and materials

Creation of exterior illumination and materials

You will learn our efficient exterior illumination methods.

This will enable you to present your architecture in the best light possible, quickly. You’ll be able to create daylight, sunset, night light, or mist, thus endowing your renderings with subtle atmosphere and mood.

Your final result

During the course of your BC Studio 3D® training, you will create up to seven photorealistic visualizations that you can use as a portfolio – essential when looking for a job. You will also receive a certificate to confirm your skills.

You’ll be able to visualize your designs from scratch, which will give you an advantage in the fields of design, architecture, or graphic design.

Your final result