About us

About BC STUDIO 3d®

BC Studio established in 2014, is a Mangalore based firm owned by the highly talented, dynamic and creative Mohammed Najeeb, heading a team of skilled 3D Artists.

We specialize in Photo Real Architectural and Interior 3D visualization for commercial, residential and landscape projects. We offer a complete range of services, from technical to strikingly realistic visuals, including 360° panoramic views, stereoscopic 3D, the merger of CGI with photography, light and material studies.

Our passion for architecture and thorough understanding of details, materials, textures, interior design and lighting leads us to create the most memorable images and movies. We are working with renowned architects across the world and executing various international and national projects and completed over 80+ projects.

Our focus is to provide quality that reflects reality of 3D visuals and cinematic animation with unmatched value and service, meeting your requests and create a positive experience.


Built on the foundations of architectural expertise, BC STUDIO 3D is a leading architectural 3D rendering studio & Training center in Mangalore.

The interior design of your dream begins with a concept that is reflected in the blueprints, project plans, in 3D visualizations.

It is possible to make any place more interesting, attractive and functional, for this it is worth to trust the real professionals and then the money will not be spent in a vain; the result will not disappoint.

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Mohammed Adil

Principal tutor

Muhammed Adil is a renowned CGI artist with over five years of experience with Autodesk 3ds Max and various secondary tools. He has successfully designed and rendered hundreds of professional projects for a variety of most demanding customers globally with speciality in interior design and furniture. He is a skilled Corona Renderer user and he is running a specialised group. He consider himself to have an invaluable amounts of knowledge that he happily share with his trainees and watch them become skilled professionals.


Our training cycle

4 most important elements

1 - Offline / Online conferences

We will present our most recent and efficient 3ds Max methodologies. 

2 - Professional Tutorials

You receive professional tutorials in which we show you, step by step, how to go about a specific issue, at the same time discussing the most efficient methods for you to do so.

3 - Everyday assistance with tasks

Our certified tutors will be on hand to help you. If you get stuck on any anything or have questions, we will help you.

4 - We check your homework

Our principal tutor will assess your homework during a conference. You’ll receive valuable tips to help you rev up the quality of your work. We also aim to inspire you!

Discover BC Studio 3D®

Why choose us?

Training for everyone

We teach students with or without previous knowledge of 3ds Max how to use the software to its fullest capacities.

Expertise Tutors

We’ll work with you one-on-one every day to help you with specific tasks.

Distance learning

Learn new skills at home. Commuting is so yesterday!

Learning speed

Some people take several years to become as good at 3D visualization as you’ll be in few weeks!

Extensive experience

Our huge 3d rendering experience is at your disposal.

Excellent results

During the training, you will create two to seven visualizations, which you can use as a portfolio. You will also receive a certificate that confirms your participation in our prestigious course and your skills.