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Training which gives you an upper hand

It only takes eight weeks of study at our online school to learn how to create world-class photorealistic visualizations.

The beautiful rendering portfolio you create in 3ds Max while taking our course can help you find work that will help you to pay for the course.

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Interior 3D Visualisation

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Create stunning images with 3ds Max 2022 and Corona Renderer 7. Learn the skills from the real expert.

2 Months


Exterior 3D Visualisation

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Create an architectural design with the space that surrounds it with 3ds Max and V-Ray. Learn how to recreate a natural space that includes fields, plants, trees, and all flora that bring a space to life.

2 Months


Architectural Animation

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Architectural Visualization Course enables you to learn some very essential, fundamental skills and gives you a greater understanding of the interrelationship between the different disciplines in a modern production pipeline.

2 Months



You will learn how to use the best graphic design software

We will teach you how to use Autodesk 3ds Max, Corona to an advanced level. They have everything you need to be an even better architect, designer or student of architecture.

Invest in your future

  • Getting good results in university
  • Winning competitions
  • Selling your design

Our training will help you achieve all of the above.

The project presentation skills that you will acquire with us will give you an advantage in the fields of architecture, design, and graphics.

Everyday assistance with learning

At every stage of the course you will be supported by our certified tutors.

None of your questions will go unanswered. Each topic will be covered by guidelines, and supported by real time, remote assistance.

You will also receive a healthy dose of motivation every day!

Unleash your potential.

After seven weeks at BC Studio, you will be able to create sophisticated and beautiful visualizations quickly.

The knowledge and skills we will teach you can help you unleash your rendering and design potential, and earn good money!

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Built on the foundations of architectural expertise, BC STUDIO 3D is a leading architectural 3D rendering studio & Training center in Mangalore.